CoinGeek’s 8th Conference kicked off yesterday featuring a variety of presentations from speakers involved with blockchain technology and the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. The whole of the first day is available for a re-cap with the full agenda to find the sections of specific interest.

CoinGeek’s New York Conference saw presentations by speakers whose experience and knowledge encompassed a wide range of industries and technologies.

Viewers were also treated to several panel presentations on technical topics related to blockchain technology, including Taylor Searle from Built By Gamers who showed us the scale of just how big the gaming world is. Revenues in gaming exceed that of film and sports combined. But that growth means gamers and game developers need a vast ‘backend’ and this is why he is now looking to use the BSV Blockchain.

Very much at the other end of the scale is the vital subject of regulation and law. Contrary to a lot of digital assets the BSV Blockchain works within the law and sees regulation as an integral part of the growth of blockchain technology. The Blockchain Intelligence Group’s Director of Government Affairs, William Callahan’s also provided an enlightening presentation on legal developments.

Day 1 also saw the 4th Hackathon where pitches are received for a $100,000 investment. The judging panel included Donny Deutsch: Donny himself is a TV Personality, Host of CNBC’s The Big Idea, Former CEO and Chairman of Deutsch Inc and a fan of blockchain technology when commenting said: “Blockchain technology has huge potential to continue to transform the business landscape and create new business models that have never existed before.”  The winner will be announced on the final day of the conference.

The day wrapped up with a panel discussion on what lies ahead for blockchain technology from the founders of the tech themselves in Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber alongside Ian Grigg and the creator of Bitcoin, Dr Craig Wright.

Catching up with Coingeek Day 1