Sporting Narratives is GamblingTV’s opportunity to explore a time in which a gripping tale from the sporting world was portrayed through the unmistakable medium of cinema.

There are few sports stars as iconic as Michael Jordan and there are scarce teams as legendary as the 1997/1998 Chicago Bulls, which means that Netflix’s original series ‘The Last Dance’ is simply unmissable for sports fans. 

At the heart of the documentary is an insight into the mindset of Jordan, who pushed his team to improve and constantly strived for greatness and victory in every aspect of his life. 

Retelling numerous moments in time and recounting the iconic career of Jordan, the series looks back on his whole storied career at The Bulls and features interviews from those who were gripped by it, including former President Barack Obama

“Mom said Christmas presents under the tree, or do you want to go see Pippen, Jordan and Rodman, and we chose The Bulls”, an infant brother and sister told a camera crew outside the arena – underlining the adoration that the city had for the team at the time. 

Although it was widely acknowledged that this was the final swansong for this Bulls team, the love of the fans ran so deep that there was an optimism that they would continue their domination following their dramatic ‘Last Dance’ season. 

The story of the iconic number 23 wasn’t the only one that was told during the six-part series, as Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen both formed an integral part of the incredible story. 

Furthermore, each player’s relationship with coach Phil Jackson and his unique methods in maximising the talents of each of them is another element of what makes the documentary a ‘must watch’ for sports fans. 

Fittingly, some of the key moments of the series take place amidst a backdrop of some of the 90’s most defining rap voices – another element of filmmaking that enriches the show and brings it to a new level for audiences. 

Sporting Narratives: The Last Dance – An iconic assortment of players unite for a gripping swansong season