The latest episode of Fox Bet Live looked ahead with Colin Cowherd and Jason Mcintyre to an action-packed Thanksgiving weekend, as Cowherd revealed his belief that injuries will lead to the Green Bay Packers falling short against the Rams on Sunday night.

The pair agreed that they are backing the Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Jets, in a victory that could open up the NFC and enable them a new opportunity to put pressure on the Cowboys, who Cowherd stated he believes have the strongest roster in the division.

What Thanksgiving weekend means for ante-post markets was also analysed as it provides a platform for teams to push on and really cement their status as postseason contenders. 

Both Cowherd and Mcintyre shared their thoughts on the full slate of matches from round 12, as the Fox Bet Super 6 continues and the stakes of NFL action are ramped up.

Fox Bet Live: OBJ can help Rams take Thanksgiving day win against Green Bay Packers