Racing has underlined concerns over potential regulations on the gambling industry and affordability checks hindering the sport significantly. 

It comes after a survey of 2,000 Racing TV members revealed that more than 86% of respondents believe that enhanced affordability checks could lead to an increase of underground betting. 

Ahead of the review of the UK Gambling Act and a subsequent overhaul of the country’s gambling regulation. 

Among the most striking findings were that 93% said that it would be wrong for the government to be able to control the amount punters could spend on a single bet in a horse race.

Speaking on RacingTV, the Racing Post’s Bruce Millington highlighted his concerns over the potential changes and what this could mean for the sport of racing, as well as revealing personally, he has lost accounts over not giving up personal information when it comes to income.  

Martin Stevenson, CEO of Racing TV’s parent company Racecourse Media Group, also stated: “The response to the Racing TV survey has demonstrated how concerned our members are about the restrictions of their personal freedoms in terms of how they choose to spend their leisure time and money. In addition, they don’t see affordability checks and limits on staking, deposits and losses, all of which could be under review by the government, as the right solution.

“While we are in full agreement with the objectives of protecting vulnerable individuals from gambling-related harm, any new legislation needs to be proportionate, targeted and evidence-based.

“If some of the restrictions under consideration are left unchallenged, this could not only change the way people are allowed to enjoy betting and horse racing in a profound way, but leave lasting damage in terms of significantly reduced revenues to the sport, which is still coming to terms with the devastating effects of COVID-19.

“I’d like to thank all our members who took part in the survey, and we will ensure the results form a valuable part of Racing’s response to the review.”

Heightened affordability checks could have significant impact on racing