GamCare’s Head of Industry Standards, Dan Whitlam detailed the steps the group is taking to work with operators to ensure social responsibility standards are met. 

Sharing his views with SBC’s Business Journalist, Ted Orme-Claye, he also praised the ‘exciting’ new product SG Labs, which enables them to translate a problem from a gambling operator into a lived-in workshop. 

Whitlam underlined that he feels this can be key in providing different perspectives for operators when it comes to being socially responsible and best protecting players from harm. 

Looking ahead, he also took a closer look at the potential outcomes of the Gambling Act review, which is set to provide a dramatic change to UK gambling regulation. 

Affordability is what Whitlam believes will be at the core of the review when it comes to player protection, with new limits potentially being a big shift in the way the industry is focused. 

GamCare’s Dan Whitlam looks ahead to White Paper review