Golden Globe winner Sharon Stone plays the main character in Paytika’s newest ad, promoting their slot game Slotomania.

The commercial has debuted in the US and features Stone as a life-like animated head attached to a finger for a body. The role she plays is ‘Captain Slotostar’ – a finger superhero “on a rescue mission to counter the threat of boredom”.

Paytika has used facial capture technology to record “every nuance” of Stone’s Sharon’s face, animating her facial features and expressions for the Slotomania commercial.

Launched in 2011, Slotomania was “one of the first” free-to-play social casino games. For over a decade, the game has grown to become the top grossing play-for-fun social casino app on Google Play and the App Store.

The previous Slotomania commercial starred John Goodman in a similar role of a talking finger, this time living “a mundane and gloomy life” until encountering the Slotomania game and the “thrill” it brings.  

Sharon Stone stars in Slotomania commercial