Gambling harm prevention charity Betknowmore, education charity YGAM, and Bournemouth University have come together to offer medical professionals better training for dealing with gambling harm.

Also endorsed by the Shadow Minister for Mental Health, the collaboration was announced by YGAM on Twitter with an infotainment advertisement, showcasing what exactly will be featured in the education for health professionals.  

The advert states that digital development has made gaming platforms accessible to more younger people, increasing the risk of misuse which is currently harder to detect than ever before.

It is expected that the likelihood of children having experience with gambling will increase, the video says, with 11% of surveyed 11-16 years old having spent their own money on gambling activities in the past seven days.

Therefore, the initiative titled ‘Mindful Resilience’ aims to equip doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and social prescribers with free-to-access online workshops that will meet the “acute need to fill knowledge gaps in an emerging and growing issue”.

The programme is tailored to support the youth, having been designed by psychologists and former victims of gambling harm.

Listing the principles of the initiative which are included in its name, YGAM said: “Mindful – pause and observe. Resilience – assess and take action. ‘Mindful Resilience’ – bringing it all together, having a conversation, and next steps.”

A cited Joe Woof who has previously experienced gambling addiction adds: “By being on this workshop, you might just save a life.”

YGAM launches medical gambling harm education with Betknowmore and Bournemouth University