Gemma Collins has teamed up with PlayOJO to become the face of its 2020 safer gambling campaign.

The new campaign is set as a faux fragrance advert forThe only way is Essex’ TV personality titled ‘Compulsion’ highlighting threat problem gambling is the ‘addiction with no SMELL’.

PlayOJO worked with Breakeven – a charity that offers free counselling to individuals who are struggling with problem gambling behaviours and GamCare counselling partner – to create the acronym SMELL standing for the tell-tale early signs of potential gambling issues:

  • S – SLEEP – is your loved one struggling to sleep at night?
  • M – MONEY – is someone you know inexplicably losing money or struggling financially?
  • E – EXTREME– is a family member exhibiting extreme mood swings or have they notably changed their behaviour?
  • L – LOSING – is your friend losing interest in the pursuits they have historically enjoyed? Are you struggling to engage them in key elements of your life?
  • L – LYING – have you caught out your loved one for not telling the truth recently? Have you been unconvinced by their explanation or feel they are constantly telling lies?

Collins is aiming to use her profile to raise awareness on the topic, in an interview with Breakeven revealed how the campaign is close to her heart: “I’ve been around addicts in my life and drug addictions and alcoholism can be pretty easy to spot. Problem gambling often hides in plain sight, and we need to raise awareness of the early warning signs so that we can ensure people that are struggling, get the help they need, before it becomes a problem.”

“As the addiction with no smell, we felt launching Compulsion was the perfect symbol to signify the trouble people can have in spotting the signs and help educate people on how to spot them.”

Collins also interviewed the CEO of Breakeven, Ian Semel, himself a recovering gambling addict discussing his story and his offered advice to people who feel they are struggling and how they can utilise Breakeven’s support services.

Gemma Collins and PlayOJO team up for safer gambling campaign