Having recently conducted a rebranding, gambling addiction treatment organisation Gordon Moody is now searching for greater collaborative opportunities with industry stakeholders to address betting related harm.

Speaking at the recent SBC Summit Barcelona, the company’s CEO Matthew Hickey and Head of Growth Robert Mabbett highlighted the need for cooperation between different betting industry leaders and detailed the rationale behind the rebranding. 

“We have to work with the industry, and we want the industry to work with us so that we can deliver the best treatment for those people that need our support,” commented Hickey. 

“The more that we can collaborate whether that be across data, whether that be cross-sharing profiles, whether that be creating referral pathways, or a number of elements where we can collaborate and we should collaborate, and we reach out to the industry to collaborate as much as possible.”

Commenting on the firm’s rebrand, Mabbett explained that the company wanted to drop the suffix ‘Association’ from its name in order to appear more customer-focused rather than business-focused. 

He said: “What we did was we looked at why Gordon Moody sets up the charity back in 1971 – what were the reasons, what was the drive? – and that’s influenced us and got us back to our purpose.

“As you can see from our new branding, the sunshine logo represents hope, it’s colourful, it’s vibrant, and that’s really important with people suffering from addiction – you need to give them hope.

“We’ve got various messages. We help people to reclaim and rebuild their lives free of gambling addiction, and also we want to send out the message to our supporters, to people, legislators, regulators, the industry and of course, our service users and their families, that we can tackle gambling addiction together.”

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Gordon Moody: Industry collaboration to ‘deliver best treatment’ for gambling harm