888sports ‘The Eye Test’: What is the biggest grudge match in Premier League history?

On the heels of one of English football’s most heated rivalries as Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-0 last night, 888sport’s ‘The Eye Test’ took a trip down memory lane to discuss some of the biggest grudge matches between some of the Premier League’s most famous teams. 

Host Rory Jennings, Steven McInerney, Ade Oladipo and Flex discuss their team’s most heated matches they’ve witnessed and also couldn’t help but reminisce over past glories. 

Manchester City fan McInerney and United fan Flex discussed the rivalry in Manchester between the two clubs, being enhanced through City’s recent rise to the top of the league. 

Flex also mentions the heated rivalry between United and Arsenal, when the two clubs vied for the Premier League title in the late 90s to the early 2000’s, mentioning Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira’s infamous tunnel incident. 

Chelsea fan Jennings and Liverpool fan Oladipo harken back to the days when Chelsea and Liverpool created their own rivalry. The tension between then managers Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez was fierce, and both teams produced some classic ties in the Champions League in the mid to late 2000’s. 

Even the current rivalry between England’s top two clubs Manchester City and Liverpool is mentioned mainly through the high quality of both teams, albeit not being as fierce between fans and players as past rivalries.