Vegas Insider – NBA Draft: ‘I think he’s a complete ready made player’ – ESPN’s Seth Greenberg

Vegas Insider’s Kevin Rogers is joined by ESPN’s Seth Greenberg to preview tomorrow’s NBA Draft, discussing the favourites for each pick with key analysis for each prospect. 

The conversation begins with the sportsbooks (-160) current favorite to become this year’s no.1 pick, Jabari Smith Jr., which would lead him to the Orlando Magic. 

Smith Jr. impressed while playing out of Auburn this past college season, possessing an NBA transitional three-point shot and tenacity on defense. Greenberg is highly impressed with Smith Jr. who he believes can make it as an All-Star one day. 

“I see him as an All-Star, you look at him, 6’10, 7’5 wingspan if I’m not mistaken, can really shoot the basketball. Can defend multiple positions, can switch on ball screens. I just think he’s a complete of a ‘ready made player’ there is,” highlights Greenberg. 

One of the most popular names heading into the draft is the 7’0 center Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga. According to most draft experts, Holmgren possesses the most upside out of all prospects, with NBA ready rim protection and a freakishly good three-point shot for a bigman. 

But one of the major downsides from multiple scouting reports is his slight frame, weighing 195lbs. Holmgren may find it challenging early on in his NBA career against opposite centers who are much older and stronger. 

“You’re looking at a guy who impacts the game defensively, he doesn’t have to score to impact the game,” said Greenberg. 

“Now, he’s going to have to stop somebody from getting their shot off from the low block, but he can contest shots and move his feet whilst out on the perimeter. He can stretch the defense, he can be a short roll guy or a pick-and-pop guy. My only concern for him is high hips, small hips, it takes a while for those guys to fill out.”

Paolo Banchero is the third and by draft analysts’ accounts, a part of the best three players that make up this year’s draft, along with the two aforementioned players. 

Coming out of Duke, Banchero is expected to make it inside the first three picks, following in the line of great Duke players to be drafted in the top three along with Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Zion Williamson and more. 

Banchero is a 6’10 power forward who has shown ‘above his age’ levels of feel for the game, with Greenberg undoubtedly affirming that he is ‘physically – more ready than anybody else for the NBA’. 

Other top prospects expected to land inside the lottery picks are Jaden Ivey, Shaedon Sharpe, Keegan Murray, Dyson Daniels to name a few.