In episode 26 of The Big Betting Balagan, the podcast discussed the importance of SPACs and M&A, and the vital role the development of betting technology has played and will continue to play in the industry.

What is it?

In this episode, the speakers discussed developments in the international betting sector, such as in Scandinavia, the US and Australia.

The podcast then focused on the progress of the Australian market with Matt Davey, founder of Next Gen, NYX, SG Digital and Executive and Founder of Tekkorp Capital, who discussed his long career in and the significance of the increased digitisation of the gaming industry.

Who is it?


Lee Richardson: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & Chief Executive, Gaming Economics

Dan Phillips: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & CEO, NEL Advisory

Vigne Kozacek: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & iGaming and Sports Betting Technology and Security Consultant


Matt Davey: Founder of Next Gen, NYX, SG Digital and Executive and Founder of Tekkorp Capital

The Big Betting Balagan: A series of podcasts which focus on the good, the bad and the ugly of  the betting and gaming industry. Defining the podcast name ‘Balagan’ from our Pod title ‘The Big Betting Balagan.’

The best translation into English would be something like a state of chaos, disarray or even confusion. The trio believe this name is something ‘Those in the industry will be able to identify with that and how it has evolved and gets things done!’

What is being said?

Commenting on his entry to the betting and gaming industry in the 1990s, at a time when the sector was beginning to digitise, Davey remarked: ‘You could really just see it coming through, from email, to the expansion of government services, and you could see that gaming was moving from a land based physical world to an online digital world, and I found that very intellectually stimulating and challenging.’

Davey also highlighted the importance of balancing business and technology, looking back to the start of his career working for a government regulator: “When you can combine a technology understanding with an interest in business. I think it’s quite useful, certainly in the early phases of my career, I was able to communicate that, and at the same time be pretty fascinated in terms of how we actually build a business out of it. 

When you think about gaming itself, and you put it into a digital format, all of the gaming regulations were designed on physical control, so we, as a government regulator we had control over the slot machines.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an insight into the significance of the technological developments for the betting and gaming industry, as well as the importance of SPACs and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Where can I see more?

Source: The Big Betting Balagan YouTube Channel

The Big Betting Balagan – the significance of betting technology