According to Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at Veriff, operators should put an increased emphasis on automation and friction-free environments.

Speaking to SBC at CasinoBeats Summit Malta, Murray pointed out that technology has become a major talking point  in the industry over recent decades, and that it’s only adequate for industry players to take advantage of it, especially when tackling fraud. 

Murray said: “If we go back years, people thought it was human interaction that identifies false identity. But the volume of people we see, the ingenuity of the frauds nowadays, really only the technology that evolves over time can help. 

“It will never do everything, but it will do the heavy lifting. For me, it allows for a much faster automated process, allowing your fraud department or other parts of your business to concentrate on the last 10% where it’s a bit more difficult. 

“So, I think genuinely that’s where the automation of that process really benefits the efficiency of the companies we work with. 

Speed is also a key aspect where technology can help out, ensuring that operators meet the ever-increasing demand for a frictionless experience. 

According to Murray, providing such experiences should remain a top priority for the industry if it wants to satisfy the average player. 

He concluded: “The generation that’s going to sustain the gambling sector doesn’t look like me, strangely enough. The younger generation are so used to a faster experience and less friction. I think that’s where technology like Veriff’s, around facial recognition, tying it into documents, really fits. 

“Customers now don’t want to be typing in data, waiting for a length of time. What they want, as you’ll see in our other markets such as crypto and gaming as opposed to gambling, they’re used to that fast experience. That builds trust and sustainability.”

Veriff: Frictionless experiences build trust and sustainability