In the latest episode of ‘Now that’s what I call slots’, Lady Luck Games Sound Designer Andrew Vasilyev talked about the thought put into the firm’s latest title – ‘Valholl WIld Hammers’.

On choosing the music theme for the game, Vasilyev said: “The theme is based on Scandinavian folk music. During the research, there was the task of understanding not only what is the sound of the viking age, but also what people today think it sounds like.

“I just wanted for our game to stand out from other games. Everyone is just making pleasant elevator music. That’s why I wanted to do my best to bring in rock music.” 

Having taken some ideas from their previous Viking title, Vasilyev explained: “This is not our first game about Vikings, I took some music from our previous game released in 2020. 

“I just opened my old template and there were plenty of melodies and good orchestration. The music in this one is a new arrangement of the previous one.”

Questioned about what the slots industry can do to improve the sound quality in games, Vasilyev concluded: “It’s not our goal to get the latest technology into our game. The prior thing is to make the game pleasant for the player. 

“We use old good stuff, like music composition, instead of many vertical layers. Technology is secondary, the main thing is the idea of the game and how it sounds. This will make the best product.”

Lady Luck Games: “Our goal is to make the game pleasant for the player”