Julian Borg-Barthet, CCO of Lady Luck Games, spoke to CasinoBeats about the company’s drive to be first in the slot games market.

One of their latest titles was shortlisted for the CasinoBeats awards, which Borg-Barthet acknowledged brought only positive dividends for the team behind it. He said: “We strive to get out games that are a little bit different. So, ‘Madam Clues’ is one of those different games. Really out of the ordinary for the industry. And it was good to see some recognition of that.”

Assigning company success to creativity, the CCO commented that a large chunk of this creativity stream comes from Lady Luck Games’ Co-Founder and Creative Director Rasmus Kjær, who has previous experience with console games and has worked on blockbuster titles like the Hitman series.

“He wanted to come into our side of the industry and really show what great graphics look like out of the ordinary titles,” Borg-Barthet added. “That was a deciding factor on the types of games we put out and getting the response back has been phenomenal.”

Questioned about what else is cooking behind the scenes in terms of slot titles, Borg-Barthet said that ‘Treasures of Tizok’ is on its way, being the company’s first 3D game. He commented: “We really threw everything at it to show the industry what we’re capable of doing, because our journey in terms of game development has been mostly on the creative side.

“We felt that we are missing the beat when it comes to game mechanics and seeing what VIP players want, casual players want. That was all wrapped up in one nice little bow with Treasures of Tizok.”

Lady Luck Games has also recently partnered with First Look Games – a collaboration that the CCO said has “made life easier” for him. He continued: “I’ve been aware of First Look’s product for quite some time. There’s been several studios that have aligned themselves with them and are getting great access to hundreds of affiliates.

“I immediately wanted to be a part of that. We wanted to get that reach out in a more structured way. And the way First Look distributes the assets, and any information immediately gets out there to all the affiliates that we want to be a part of. They even do checks on our games, making sure that what’s been published out there is correct. It makes our life easier.”

Finally, Borg-Barthet also mentioned Canada and the US, where Lady Luck Games is planning to roll out a title line-up tailored for the domestic market. He concluded: “We want to enter Ontario as everybody else is at this juncture. The US is obviously on the cards as well.

“It is mostly a sports betting industry as it currently stands, very few casinos, but as more states open and start expanding, we want to be front and centre. We want to come in there with great games that are specific to that market, that we know Americans and Ontarians are going to really love.”

Lady Luck Games looks to place new slots “front and centre”