One of the key challenges that comes with expansion into emerging markets for betting operators is customer onboarding, and Peter Murray of Veriff emphasised that a one-size fits all approach simply won’t cut it. 

He was speaking as part of an SBC Webinar, hosted by SBC Americas Editor, Jessica Welman, which focused on emerging markets and how firms can ensure successful entry and a smooth user experience within new regions. 

The Webinar initially focused on the Brazilian market, which is on the cusp of evolution as regulation potentially looms, in what would be a key step for the region and provide a fruitful new avenue for operators. 

Founding Partner of MAIA YOSHIYASU Advogados, Luiz Felipe Maia, however, stated his belief that anything can happen in Brazil, even if this means nothing happens. 

Whilst the regulatory framework is ready to be signed, an election on the horizon provides complications, with the issuing of the regulation becoming a political decision. 

He also pointed to the influence of evangelical leaders, who have been largely against the regulation of sports betting, when it comes to securing political support

Murray added that when politics becomes a factor, the situation can be very difficult, as he stated the need for alignment in the message of operators and a unified approach from the sector.

The conversation moved to customers’ onboarding and concerns when entering the market, with Murray citing that what is at the heart of consumer demand is a smooth user experience. 

He further stated that tying automation into fraud prevention is something the industry should tighten up on, although adding that a different conversation and approach to fraud is to be taken for each region. 

Maia then outlined the differences between US and Brazilian consumers, with the latter far more inclined to share details and engage with operators in the payment journey. 

In terms of responsible gambling, which the panel agreed would be crucial to success in new markets – Thomas Carvalhaes, Managing Director at Vai de Bob stated there are numerous approaches that can be taken to social responsibility. 

“We have to start by defining what responsible gaming is, educating players to ensure they believe and understand that betting is not an investment, it is for disposable income”, he stated.  

Murray followed up by agreeing with Carvalhaes, but also detailing the importance of emerging markets learning the lessons of Europe – where rampant marketing campaigns and an abundance of sporting advertisements have led to significant backlash from lobbying groups and the media. 

There was concern from the panel, voiced in particular by Murray, that the US was replicating the mistakes of the UK, with a distinct lack of focus on social responsibility. 

SBC Webinars: Learning from the mistakes of Europe when it comes to social responsibility