‘Differentiation is the main tactic to standing out’ – Everi SVP, Marshall Adair

Digital Casino igaming provider Everi has kicked off 2022 where they last left off last year, recording its best performance in its Q1 results in May. 

Before this however, SBC caught up with Everi’s Senior Vice-President Marshall Adair at last April’s ICE event, discussing the digital casino’s good start to the year and how they were able to achieve this through the performance of the ‘three real steppers’. 

“Particularly in digital, we doubled down on investing in our technology, invested in our own team, and doubled the amount of content,” shared Adair. 

“Part of the growth we saw last year was investing in the wave of the future for Everi and that’s wrapped up in digital. 

“We found a real niche for ourselves in the three real steppers and now this year, we just launched the progressive version of that, so jackpots are now available with linking capabilities. We’re trying to evolve what we did for the first two years, add to it and add value for operators.

One of the landmark regulated markets who received the green light to allow legal sports and online gambling was the Canadian province Ontario, which launched in April. 

Everi were one of many operators to showcase their services in the province on launch day and Adair was quizzed on what it takes to stand out from the competition when venturing into a new market. 

He replied: “When that day happened (Ontario launch day), we went live with six of the operators on day one and covered a big portion of the market available to us. We’re very excited and already showing great performances from that market. 

“We understand the competition that’s there and it’s only going to grow. Differentiation is the main tactic we’re employing. We’re one of the only vendors there with land-based presence in that province but more so we bring a type of genre to that market that isn’t there, particularly three real steppers.”

Adain also revealed what Everi has in store for the rest of the year having already recorded another record quarter in its Q2 results which were published this month.