Paddy Power and Peter Crouch have strengthened their collaboration through a new humorous campaign.

Focusing  on traditional romcoms, the ‘Love Football, Intimately’ TV spot is the first produced by the Droga5 advertising agency for the Flutter Entertainment brand.

A long-time collaborator in Paddy Power’s comedy-themed marketing takes on sports betting advertising, Crouch has previously featured in other TV spots such as ‘Thoroughbred Crouchy’ ahead of the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, and another focusing on the ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

Michelle Spillane, Brand and Marketing Director at Paddy Power, said: “It’s a nostalgic romcom-tastic tale of romance, fantasy and our unwavering true love for all parts of football – if Harry Met Sally at a Spurs match.”

“The team at Droga5 has ensured that it’s perfectly self-deprecating and although there’s a whole load of Hollywood-style production and magic, what matters is that it is storytelling at its absolute finest,” Spillane continued.

“It doesn’t rely on A-list celebs – it’s got Crouch-Power and that’s what resonates with fans more than anything.”

The new commercial begins in a pub where Crouch is shown enjoying some food and a pint alongside Abbey Clancy whilst watching a football match in a room crowded with fans – but when the referee hands a player a red card, he is transported to a romantic-inspired fantasy.

With an abundance of references to popular rom-com films, the TV spot begins by parodying American Beauty, replacing the roses from the famous bubble bath scene with red cards. 

The ad concludes with Crouch and the ref running towards each other with the latter thrown into the air Dirty Dancing-style – before the striker snaps back to reality, raising a small dog above his arms back in the pub.

Peter Crouch takes centre stage in latest Paddy Power campaign