AstroPay’s Mikael Lijtenstein: Reflecting on a year of global expansion 

Whether it be debuting a new Visa debit card in Europe or bolstering its boardroom with new appointments, AstroPay has been making significant moves in the payments ecosystem in 2022. 

SBC News were able to discuss how the year has been for AstroPay with its CEO Mikael Lijtenstein, delving into how the payments platform has expanded its services to new markets, and also the introduction of new products that Lijtenstein believes are “the best possible solutions” for its partners. 

Lijtenstein described the first half of the year as “busy and challenging” as AstroPay has been expanding its digital wallet offering across several new regions across the globe. 

The AstroPay CEO also highlighted new agreements and partnerships with merchants that help expand the company’s exposure and payment options, most notably a shirt sponsorship with Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

AstroPay’s newest product, AstroPay One Touch, was also discussed at length by Lijtenstein. One Touch enables merchants to make deposits through AstroPay and a host of other features whilst remaining on the same page, enhancing the user experience by making it as frictionless as possible. 

Lijtenstein goes on to describe how One Touch provides benefits for merchants’ customers through its single integration. This will allow merchants to grow their businesses into new regions, “they can start in Latin America and migrate to Europe, expand to Asia. They can have a brand in four continents that is well positioned”, explains Lijtenstein. 

By entering new countries and regions, localised payments became a priority for AstroPay so that customers are comfortable with paying in the currencies and payment methods they are used to, as Lijtenstein dives deeper into the importance of localised payments. 

To wrap up the conversation, the AstroPay CEO explains how its partnership with Visa and the introduction of the collaborated Visa debit card has helped AstroPay in its global expansion.