With an offering that goes far deeper than than just an over-the-counter transaction, SUZOHAPP has underlined its focus on supporting land-based operators in driving new betting experiences.

Speaking to SBC, Todd Sims, the firm’s VP for Sales, Gaming & Amusements – Americas, emphasised the group can enhance overall player engagement. 

He stated: “We’re now supplying components to the gaming and amusement industries. But a few years back, we started looking at the sports betting sector. We had customers asking us to develop something that had not previously existed in sports betting. 

“So we just took it to the next level, since we were already supplying components and parts, it was somewhat of a natural fit for us just to go ahead and design the complete product. 

“We started to migrate our sports betting strategy over to the US. We saw some pretty big gaps in what customers needed, what they could use, and what was being supplied to the industry. So we really dived in and spent a lot of time focused on where the opportunity was. 

“We were a latecomer to the sports betting field in the US. I mean, there were people already supplying what I call podium-style kiosks to the market. So we really had to think about our strategy.

“The only way for us to be competitive was for us to look at what we had, and compare that to where there is a gap in the market. So that is exactly what we did. By doing so, we’ve brought in new products well beyond the podium-style kiosks that were previously available. We’ve made these products available to the sports betting sector, retail sports betting more specifically.”

“With retail this is how you capture both the cash player, the spontaneous bettor but also the player that doesn’t want to sign up for an account.”Watch the full interview here

SUZOHAPP’s Todd Sims: Capturing the full spectrum of bettors