SBC spoke to Suzohapp’s VP Sales Gaming & Amusement for Americas, Todd Sims, who went over the firm’s achievements in 2022 and its predictions for 2023. 

“2022 was really the first year that we unveiled our entire sports betting hardware lineup and got real instals up and running and live, and we grew that part of our business by leaps and bounds, and really have set the stage for 2023 to be much, much larger,” Sims said. 

Sims went on to explain what changes he envisions 2023 to bring, saying: “We’re going to do a big shift. The world in 2022 was ‘the bloom is off the rose’ for sports betting and that is largely referring to how profitable it is and what the US market is delivering in particular. 

“We’re going to see a big shift from a push on the mobile and online piece of sports betting over to retail.”

Sims said that Suzohapp will try to introduce even more sports fans to sports betting, in particular soccer, a long-term junior partner in the US sports landscape in the eyes of many stakeholders. 

He explained: “You’ve got a bunch of people getting excited about soccer, who maybe are necessarily excited about soccer in the US, but you get in there and you start watching the game and a bar and it’s fun. It’s exciting.

“And so that’s when it’s easiest to get that sports fan and transition them into a bettor because they can put a spontaneous and anonymous $20 bill into a kiosk and bet on a game.”

Suzohapp’s Todd Sims: ‘2023 will see a big shift for sports betting’