EPIC and Mindway AI partnership a “really clear crossover”

During last week’s Safer Gambling Week, SBC News spoke with Director of Safer Gambling at EPIC Risk Management, Dan Spencer, on the firm’s recent partnership with Mindway AI.

Spencer discussed some of the data trigger points that Mindway AI provides which attracted EPIC to become a partner, allowing for better customer engagement which Spencer reveals the gambling selfharm company have been working on for a “number of years”. 

The EPIC Director described the partnership as a “really clear crossover” between the two companies and aims to provide operators with “rich data” when it comes to providing EPIC’s interaction masterclass training. 

Whilst the partnership is still in its infancy, Spencer envisaged “several areas of overlap where they can help each other”, with EPIC providing free consultation training to Mindway AI and Mindaway offering artificial intelligence training to EPIC’s team. 

Spencer also provided insight into Mindway AI’s ability to implement human elements to identify areas of concern, something that aims to eliminate an overeliability on AI’s data-driven approach.