Justin Geiger of Spotlight Sports Group spoke to Gambling TV about the recent launch of Superfeed – a feed turning data into digestible insights and verdicts for sports events – and why US sports are ‘critical’ for those looking to offer ‘actionable betting intelligence’.

Who is it?

Justin Geiger, VP Sales at Spotlight Sports Group

Luke Massey, Head of Media at Sports Betting Community (SBC)

What is being said?

Discussing how the concept of Superfeed came about, Geiger explained: “It starts with the legacy of the company. Our heritage is built on 30 years of trusted legacy through the Racing Post brand. Today we offer six prominent digital betting brands globally. And so Superfeed is an evolution of the expertise we have gained across these brands to deliver timely actionable betting intelligence to sports bettors. 

“Our B2B customers – sports media companies as well as traditional sportsbook operators – are constantly seeking to deliver a distinctive experience that adds value to their community, keeps them engaged in their platform and ultimately gives their bettors more confidence across more events. 

“Through some independent survey data, we learned that nearly 75% of sports bettors prefer picks and projections to raw statistical data when making a bet. So it only made sense for us to take this core competency – creating bet stimulating content – for a global audience and empower our B2B partners and customers to do the same.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about a new sports betting product and how US sportsbook operators and media sites can maximise the potential of sports betting to engage audiences.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Spotlight Sports: Superfeed is founded on company’s ‘legacy’