Dorota Gruszka, Head of Marketing at Lady Luck Games, went over one of the company’s latest releases – Astro Anna.

In an interview with SBC, Gruszka highlighted that players entering the game will be greeted by a cosmic-themed adventure riding though space on a spaceship. 

“When players enter the game for the very first time, they can see space, planets and milky ways. They can also see our beautiful spaceship,” she said. “Inside of the spaceship there is Astro Anna and our pipe mechanic.” 

The mechanic includes the player pressing the ‘spin’ button, after which the pipes on the reels will start rotating, handing out benefits whenever one of the ends of a pipe connects to a prize. 

“We have 15 prizes depending on the size of the bet. On top of that, we’ve added multipliers.”

Astro Anna also offers a variety of free spins, where players can get multipliers “up to 20x the bet”.

“The free spins can be triggered when at least four prizes are received. For four, five and six prizes, players will be awarded with 10, 15 or 23 respectively. If players lucky enough to trigger from seven to ten prizes, they’re going to get additional multipliers, up to 20x the bet.”

Gruszka explained that the title aims to attract two groups of players – those who are veterans and those who are newcomers. 

“It‘s for anyone who wants to see something fresh and innovative on the reels. Our aim was to attract two groups of players,” he added.

“Those who are already playing for quite some time and want to see something different, but also those who are newcomers. Even though the pipe mechanics are very innovative, the game is still very straightforward.” 

According to Gruszka, not only games like Astro Anna help distinguish Lady Luck Games from the competition.

“The competition is sky high. If we want to be recognisable for both players and operators and to keep the content fresh, we need to stay innovative. 

“We are already well-known because of our stunning designs, super animations and great team. If you add on top of that fantastic bonuses, that’s a win-win situation for me.”

Lady Luck Games goes into space with Astro Anna