In the newest edition of the Safe Bet Show, host Martin Lycka spoke with Indiana State Senator for Senate District 38, Jon Ford, and the upcoming US ‘National Council of Legislators From Gaming States’ (NCLGS) conference in Las Vegas this December. 

Senator Ford explained that the meeting’s agenda will cover many aspects of sports and online betting, giving a sneak peek into some of the topics planned for discussion. 

“We’ve got a robust agenda covering a lot of topics”, he said. “To list a few, we’re going to look at retail and brick-and-mortar gaming and how they have changed their environment. 

“We also have a large discussion on the newly enacted federal horse racing regulations. Many states are really having to grapple with this new federal law and how to implement it when it comes to horse racing. 

“Cyber security is also always a topic. Lottery as well – we have three of the top Lottery directors in the country, from Georgia, Indiana and Iowa, that are going to hold a panel about the future of lottery and ilottery.” 

The NCLGS meeting will also host a panel on diversity and inclusion in the industry – a continuation of a tradition started by the organisation a few years ago. 

“This year, Becky Harris from UNLV will be leading that panel to talk about women in the workforce in the gaming industry. We’ll also be discussing cashless casinos, legal gaming, and obviously we will have a legislative preview for igaming for 2023.”

Lycka also questioned the senator on the rise in popularity of sports betting across the states, to which you can watch the full answer in the video above.  

Senator Jon Ford: NCLGS ready to deliver a “robust” winter meeting