Betting markets and odds can prove confusing or ‘overwhelming’ for new punters, requiring a technological solution, according to Andrew Lee, Chairman of Voxbet.

In a discussion with SBC’s Senior Media Executive Erin Gallagher, Lee was quizzed how his product ‘literally gives punters a voice’.

The Chairman described how Voxbet’s engine allows customers to verbally disclose what bets they are searching for, after which the software translates the bet and ‘trawls the backends of sportsbooks to identify what the customer wants. 

“It is returning specifically the bets that you’ve asked for, rather than showing you hundreds of different markets and bet types within those markets, which can be overwhelming for customers, but also it can be quite hard to find those bets,” he explained.

“Traditional bets are easy to find – 1X2, or the 6-pack on American sports – but if I’m trying to find an individual player’s rushing yards, or Mark Andrews’ first touchdown or the number of receptions – it can be hard to find that, and we feel we can simplify this through this search mechanism where you can speak or find your bet.”  

Formerly known as Onionsack, Voxbet initiated a rebrand towards the end of November, before appointing Lee – who formerly served as Managing Director of WIlliam Hill Online – as its new Chairman.

The firm’s voice translation betting technology has been leveraged by a number of operators, having previously entered into an agreement with Flutter Entertainment’s Paddy Power when operating under the Onionsack label. 

“Rather than trawling through an awful lot of sportsbooks and finding a lot of parlay bets or multiple bets or prop bets, it’s a lot easier,” Lee continued.

“What we can also do is use this technology off platform. It works on platform, so within a betting app or site, but it also works off platform. This technology can be used on streaming and content sites, just as a search engine besides all the stats, form, data, news feeds – it can be used on social media.

“Gamblers can access the prices and the data and sportsbook without actually physically entering the sports betting app, which we think makes it more convenient and accessible.”

Voxbet at SBC North America: Giving punters a voice