As announced by Policy and Public Affairs Director, Tim Miller the Gambling Commission, will undertake a further seven consultations to progress its regulatory review of the recommendations made by UK Gambling’s White Paper.

Booked for a 12-week period, the UKGC’s plans to close its next series of consultations by February-to-March of 2024. For UK gambling a fractious 2023 ends with no regulatory resolution as, despite consultations, the industry remains in the dark regarding its future terms of play.

As eyes turn to 2024, how will UK stakeholders respond to the consultations on “Responsible incentives, customer-led tools, RET contributions, data reporting, financial penalties, and financial key event reporting”.

This was the topic of conversations in today’s episode of the iGaming Daily podcast, where Martyn Elliott was joined by Edward Menmuir and Ted Orme-Claye to discuss the latest developments.

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