Amusnet: bringing online entertainment to the retail environment

Amusnet is looking to replicate its online success on casino floors after implementing an array of in-house online slot releases into its first-ever cabinet line, the Type S line. 

Following years of stringent development, ICE London 2024 provided an ideal place for the studio to introduce players and partners to the “wonderful” cabinet line. 

Borislav Marinov, Amusnet’s Head of Land Based Business Development, was full of praise for the cabinets, pointing out their sleek design and 4K resolution screens to show how the combination of “expertise and spirit” led to a product to be proud of. 

Commenting on the studio’s decision to enter the land-based vertical, Marinov said: “First of all, we create our games for online operators. Our audience is familiar with our products, features, extras and bonuses, and now our concept is to implement these games into our physical land-based cabinets.

“Our research and development team saw that land-based games and cabinets are quite standard, so when you implement something different from online games, like buy bonus features or cascades, it can become a trend in the land-based sector. 

“Classical players are starting to seek these features, creating a demand that is expanding.”

Marinov then detailed the cabinet line’s journey to production, stating: “We initially started this whole project around three years ago. We changed the design several times as well as the material that we used in the development, and there were some obstacles with deliveries and supplies. 

“The main slow-down was finding good, experienced people to join us on this project and also to be very motivated and give a lot of dedication to this product, especially with our desire to showcase it at this event.

“We had to be ready to show the best of what we can do, and the result after two years of work is right here,” Marinov pointed towards the Type S cabinets behind him, “with these wonderful cabinets.” 

To grasp the opportunity presented by land-based audiences with both hands, Amusnet set out to put the right team together, leveraging an abundance of retail experience in its appointments. 

“Our land-based division is around 100 people,” said Marinov. “The core of this staff have previous experience with creating land-based products. Our goal was to renew this ambition to create even better products and to be more competitive. 

“The combination of this expertise and the spirit that the core team gave to the product led to this final result.”

With thousands of European igaming advocates flocking to the ExCel Centre in London, ICE provided the perfect opportunity for Amusnet to not only show off its new product, but also to gauge the public’s, and its partners’, reactions. 

Explaining the feedback that the Type S cabinet line had received, Marinov explained: “I’m very happy to share that in the first two days here, what we have seen has been amazing.” 

“All of our visitors, partners and potential clients have given very positive feedback. They know our games from online and once they saw these beautiful games adapted in our fancy cabinets, with our huge 4K resolution screens and all the other features that we have implemented, the feedback was pretty amazing.

“We’re pretty sure that when we go back, start the mass production and we can put the physical products in the real locations, players will recognise our games and be happy to play them on a land-based product.”

To see the Type S cabinet line for yourself and hear Marinov’s thoughts on land-based demand from operators as well as players, click here.