At last month’s SBC Summit North America, CEO & Founder of Verse Fantasy, Daniel Zimmermann sat down for a chat with Jesse Learmonth from to talk about what Verse are doing differently and how they are trying to marry up season-long fantasy with the weekly DFS experience.

Learmonth started by asking for a quick overview of Verse, and Zimmermann explained that they like to brand their product as “DFS 3.0” as they are “getting away from pick em’s” and focusing more on traditional season-long fantasy. 

Zimmerman also described how Verse allows users to sync their fantasy league directly from their season-long fantasy provider and play real-money games using their fantasy rosters. 

When asked to dive deeper into this, he said: “We tried to build around that culture of season long. People are passionate about their season-long, they’re always going to care more about their fantasy team than their parlay lineup.

“So for us, we want to play off that and we want to give you the chance to make money on that and play against your friends and really get into the depths of season long as a weekly DFS experience.”

Zimmerman was then questioned about the state of the season-long fantasy market and he said that approximately 50 million people over the age of 18 play season-long fantasy. 

“If the NFL Network is showing you their fantasy points when they’re playing the games live on Sunday, then clearly the culture is still there,” added Zimmerman. “It’s not going anywhere. And we think we can almost reinvent some of the DFS culture into being season-long.”

The interview ends with Learmonth asking about what’s coming up for Verse in the next six months of the year with the NFL season still to come.

Zimmerman explained that after “getting their feet wet” in 2023 Verse will be launching in more states, offering more products, and partnering with people and companies that are “cultural cornerstones” of the the fantasy industry.

“You’re not going to get around seeing Verse Fantasy next season. Whether it’s friends inviting you or being on your favourite data tool, whatever that may be, you’re going to see us soon,” he finished.

Verse Fantasy to offer “DFS 3.0” in 2024