At an event at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) executives Andrew Cochrane and Ryan Collinge detailed the company’s “exciting future” amid the launch of their X suite of products.

Cochrane, Chief Business Officer at GiG, said: “We’ve got a new C-level team. We’ve got a very strong leadership team in place now. We’ve hired some great people into the business and I think it is about bringing good people, good people with innovative technology together as a pretty exciting opportunity for the business.

“And also it’s about understanding what our products and strategic objectives are and I think that’s really clear with the launch in February of our X suite of products, showcasing to the market, our next-gen iGaming platform, our new SportX sportsbook platform, and of course, our AI tools, data and logic.”

SportX is GiG’s turnkey sportsbook solution and Cochrane discussed some of the new features of the product as well as the work being done ahead of the 2024 European Championships.

Cochrane explained: “The SportX product has been live in the GiG family for a number of years. What we’re doing is taking that forward with an improved betting engine feed aggregation layer enabling us to plug in more events offering consumers a greater choice of events, a larger number of betting markets and great features such as cash out, and bet builder. All the kinds of engagement tools that we need to keep players engaged in your sportsbook.

“We’re working very hard right now with our product team. delivering some enhancements in our SportX product ready for the European Championships in Germany coming up so yeah, we are working very hard to make sure that the product delivers increased revenues and this great opportunity that is around once every four years.”

Sweepstakes are a growing sector in the US market and GiG are one of the suppliers that are providing a sweepstakes service on their platforms 

Discussing GiG’s success in the area, Collinge, Senior Vice President at GiG, said: “We’ve got a first-in-class platform. I think what’s key in the sweepstake markets is the content and the third-party integrations. I think integrating the latest content from content houses is key to driving your business forward. It’s key that you are able to deliver what the operator and what the customer wants. Gamification in terms of sweepstakes is key for bonusing sweepstakes tools and player attention. We’ve got all them products integrated into our platform already so we’re ahead of the market in that way.”

An area of potential growth for the company is Brazil. The country is gearing up for the opening of the regulated sports betting and iGaming market and Cochrane talked about the need to “put people on the ground” in Brazil.

“I think Latin America has a slightly different way of doing business than perhaps GiG has done in the past so we embrace that as an opportunity,” added Cochrane. “We’re localising our solutions. Making sure that we’ve got all the right crash games suppliers, the right content, right payments. We’ve got some great integrations that we’ve not announced [and] are due to come, to really show the Brazilian market we are serious about the opportunity there.”

GiG details “exciting future” amid X suite of products launch