This week, EveryMatrix completed a major corporate initiative, rebranding DeepCI as PartnerMatrix Intelligence, strengthening the technology group’s all-in-one offering for affiliates.

The rebrand completes a 12-month integration of DeepCI into the PartnerMatrix platform, which now features a sophisticated live data tracking solution for partners to instantly optimise all marketing campaigns.

SBC’s Jessie Sale explored the significance of PartnerMatrix broadening its affiliate systems to meet the distinct needs of affiliates by incorporating DeepCI intelligence tools.

Leading the integration is DeepCI co-founder Lewis Civin, who has taken on the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO) of the newly rebranded PartnerMatrix. He commented: “Early on, we recognised that we could develop an entirely different affiliate platform than what is currently available on the market.”

“Merging DeepCI analytics with PartnerMatrix’s market-leading financial tracking, we have developed a truly dynamic platform with features specifically designed for affiliates.”

PartnerMatrix CEO, Vahe Khalatyan, said: “The acquisition of DeepCI helps us close the cycle for all affiliate businesses, from finding new affiliates, researching your markets, tracking campaigns, to onboarding your affiliates.” Feedback from clients indicated that they spent a lot of resources on extracting data for individual campaigns. We are now providing partners with all the necessary analytics tools for research, all under one platform.”

EveryMatrix has completed the rebranding of DeepCI as PartnerMatrix Intelligence, enhancing its marketing solution for igaming affiliates. The new Intelligence features deliver advanced data tracking and analysis capabilities for igaming operators.

An upgraded PartnerMatrix features DeepCI’s real-time insights, allowing marketing teams to make instant changes and engage with audiences. 

As CPO of PartnerMatrix, Lewis Civin emphasised that the tech group continually seeks to enhance its offerings. The integration aims to provide customers with a complete, all-in-one affiliate solution, equipping them with powerful data analytics and optimisation tools.

“Today we’re officially joining forces with the most powerful affiliate management platform on the market in PartnerMatrix, so we can now uniquely present brands and affiliates with all the financial data they need plus the ‘why,’ pinpointing the precise pages anywhere in the world that bring brands the most first-time depositors.”

No standard thinking in PartnerMatrix’s DeepCI evolution