Jamie Mitchell, the CEO of Low6 joined SBC’s Erin Gallagher at the Betting on Sports Europe Conference, as he emphasised that as the firm benefits from a host of high-level collaborations, the timing couldn’t be better for launching into the US. 

It comes off the back of the organisation’s recent link with the PGA, as it seeks to maximise exposure ahead of its accelerated expansion into the region. 

“Partnering with an organisation like the PGA Tour gives us massive audience reach globally. The number of weekly visitors to the PGA Tour website and app are in the tens of millions, we will be exposing what we believe is a state-of-the-art gamification pick ems platform for the PGA Tour – giving us great exposure in North America,” Mitchell stated 

“Now is the right time to expand into the US for us because I think it’s almost a gold rush now as states become regulated and able to take legal bets for the first time, a provider like Low6 being naturally positioned there makes a lot of sense. If it’s the gold rush then we see Low6 as the picks and shovels, guys, helping you go into those mines and mining the gold.”

Describing the gamification offering of Low6 as ‘unrivaled’, Mitchell continued by underlined just how pivotal a tool free-to-play can be when it comes to engaging sports fans and potentially converting them to sportsbooks. 

Mapping out the strategy for the upcoming year, he added that the firm will be going ‘bigger and stronger’ in the US market, taking gamification to the next level and also capitalising on the growth of AI when it comes to tapping into new demographics.

BOSE – Low6’s Jamie Mitchell: Gamification can be crucial to maximising US growth