What is it?

The Be Better Bettors podcast interviews Dicky Carson, who has a long history in the US betting industry. Dating back the late 1960s, he discusses life as a professional sports bettor and the evolution of bookmakers stateside.

Dabbling a bit with gambling in his youth, his entry point into the industry came after playing pool and poker after moving in with his father in Dallas. 

His first job was working for an illegal bookmaker after school. From then on, he stated that his life was about gambling, mostly bookmaking, sports betting and poker.

After being arrested a handful of times over the course of his youth gambling career and into adulthood as he created his own business, Carson moved his young family to Las Vegas in 1973 with just $15 to his name. 

It’s an American dream-esque story from arriving in Vegas in 1973 with his young family with $15 to his name to ‘making it big’ in 1982. 

Who is it?

Dicky Carson: bookmaker, professional bettor and poker player, who was involved in the US betting landscape since the late 1960s.

Be Better Bettors podcast: Spanky (the host) discusses life as a professional sports bettor and interviews other professional bettors and bookmakers.

What is being said?

When asked what the penalties were like for illegal bookmakers back then, Carson stated: “It wasn’t bad at all. When they raided Ben Summers’, nothing happened. I got suspended from school… my dad had to take me back to the school and get me back in. Nothing happened to me as far as the law goes.”  

Reflecting on his career, Carson stated: “It’s been a tough road, but I’ve done some good and some bad. They will never be the days like the old days.” 

Voicing his opinion on current bookmakers in the US, Carson stated: “What’s happened Spanky is the thought process has all changed. There’s only a few ‘real’ bookmakers left, BetCris is one of them… there are not really any bookmakers left. 

“Not really. They have all changed and they have all gone with the flow and they all listen to other people. I don’t necessarily think thats the right way to go and I believe that there is another way to go and I believe that way to go is just as good as the way that they are going now. It just has to be done by someone who has the knowledge to do it.” 

Why should I watch it?

The interview is extremely interesting because it gives insight into the illegal betting market in the US from the 1960s all the way to present day, showing how attitudes have changed towards the industry, how far the industry has developed since then, whilst also showcasing the highs and lows of the life of a professional gambler and illegal bookmaker.

Where can I see more?

Source: Be Better Bettors SoundCloud

Be Better Bettors – Dicky Carson: Life as a professional gambler