Michael Dugher of The Betting and Gaming Council discusses the government’s review of the Gambling Act on the Tory Radio Podcast. 

What is it?

The interview looks at; Parliaments current approach to gambling; whether the review into gambling is something to be welcomed; why the move to increase the age limit to 18 for playing on the national lottery is a good thing, whether gambling operators are up for the challenge of addressing the concerns Parliament may have about the sector and what Dugher credits as his biggest achievement to date.

Who is it?

Michael Dugher, CEO, the Betting and Gaming Council

Jonathan Sheppard, Former Parliamentary candidate, Chief of staff, now Host of Tory Radio

What is being said?

Dugher: “We want to have an evidence led approach, we want to make big changes but we also want to get the balance right between ensuring that the millions of people who do enjoy a bet continue to do so absolutely safely, whilst at the same time doing more to protect those that are vulnerable.” 

“The number of problem gamblers is around 0.5 per cent of the population and that’s basically remained largely unchanged and has been stable and hasn’t increased for the last 20 years.

“It may only be 0.5 per cent but one problem gambler is one too many which is why I hope the review will be an opportunity to see how can we give more help to problem gamblers but at the same time get the balance right so that we’re not interfering with the choices made by individuals, millions of them who do enjoy gambling from time to time.” 

Why should I watch it?

There almost hasn’t been a day gone by in the past year that Michael Dugher hasn’t been mentioned on SBC News, this is a man that is concurrently at the forefront of discussions covering responsible gambling, how the pandemic has affected the industry and most recently in discussions revolving around the government review of the Gambling Act. 

This is a must listen interview with the man in charge of representing many of the operators in this sector breaking down this year.

Where can I see more?

Source: Tory Radio 

Michael Dugher discusses Gambling Act Review on Tory Radio