The National Football League’s (NFL) Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills have both encountered tough losses in week 14.

Speaking on FOXBet Live, Colin Cowherd claims he is ‘certain’ that we will all watch a Bills’ victory next week, claiming that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers won’t hold much of a threat against Josh Allen‘s side.

Speaking on the game this coming Sunday, Cowherd explained: “I don’t like betting favourites, I do think that Bills are a great example that if you’re not playing physical football.

“Buffalo’s clearly the better team, a more desperate team. They win the game, I would probably stay away from it – Carolina’s a mess.”

Furthermore, Cowherd shared his view that the Bills are a ‘rare’ team, adding: “Top 10 defensive, excellent coach, excellent quarterback, circling the drain. They are the only example of that in the league.”

Looking at the point spread, the underdogs have an odds of +10.5 whereas the favourites, Buffalo’s, are on -10.5.

“Buffalo is clearly going to win this game but it’s a matter of how much,” Cowherd concluded, whilst stating that if Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen doesn’t play, he still would not predict a win for Carolina.

FOXBET: Buffalo Bills are a ‘rare’ type of team