As professional athletes become increasingly exposed to betting brands and offers, gambling addiction has become somewhat of an epidemic within sport and, in particular, football.

What is it?

Former Premier League starlet Scott Davies joins B5 Consultancy’s Football Journeys Podcast to discuss how he overcame his gambling addiction and how he is now using his experiences to inform others in his new role.

Who is it?

Matt Himsworth, B5 Consultancy, Football Journeys Podcast Co-Host

Fraser Franks, B5 Consultancy, Football Journeys Podcast Co-Host

Scott Davies, Lead Professional Sport Facilitator at EPIC Risk Management 

What is being said?

Making reference to the first time he recognised he was suffering with a gambling addiction, Davies said: “For me, 2008 and 2009 was when I became a real problem gambler because it was on my mind the whole time and I was rushing to get out of training. When the shop shut at 9.30pm, I was the last to leave and I’d be the last man standing in there. And when you could go online and bet, it meant you didn’t have to stop so I had my phone in front of my face for the next few hours. Sometimes, if I was doing well then I wouldn’t go to sleep and I’d stay awake all night drinking cans of Red Bull. 

“It was just numbers in the top right-hand corner of a screen so it didn’t actually feel like I was handing over hard cash to anyone. Until you get that reality check when you look at your bank balance and realise you’ve lost a week’s wages in the space of an hour, that’s when it becomes a real problem.”

He continued: “My big win was getting a new contract. It allowed me to spend more money and have more disposable income. But it didn’t really matter how much disposable income I had because my bills were my last priority. I didn’t care if I didn’t pay my car bill or insurance. Gambling was my go-to and it was what got me up in the morning. Football wasn’t getting me out of bed.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain insight into the career of a professional footballer, and the dangers and harms of problem gambling.

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Source: B5 Consultancy YouTube Channel

Football Journeys Podcast: Scott Davies on overcoming gambling addiction