One of the core issues discussed throughout the UK government’s review of the 2005 Gambling Act has been affordability checks, and the positive and negative consequences of a possible enhancement of this safeguarding measure.

What is it?

Touching on a range of new developments in the international betting and gaming industry, one of the notable topics of discussion in the latest Big Betting Balagan Podcast was the possibility of affordability checks being ‘watered down’ or ‘kicked into the long grass’ as the DCMS takes a more active role in the review of the UK’s gambling legislation.

Who is it?

Dan Phillips, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

Lee Richardson, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

Vigne Kozacek, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

What is being said?

“We know where the industry’s view is on this, but I also saw this week that one beting company is doing its own affordability checks, very different to what they were doing just a few months ago,” Richardson began.

“We have a few Tier One bookmakers who are starting to irritate players, who are saying that it has already had a material effect on what they will and won’t do, with regards to the information they are now being asked for – about proof of funds, how they are spending their money, and frequency of deposits and so on.

“It’s a little bit chaotic at the moment and we do need clarity on this, but the idea that this might be kicked into the long grass is probably overall a good thing for the industry, but at least a debate is being had within the confines of responsible gambling, which is of course all part of the process.”

Another key topic discussed was the increasing importance of AI as a tool for betting operators to assist with KYC procedures, identification, AML and payment methods, among other uses.

“I still believe it’s very much in its infancy,” said Kozacek. “I say that because I believe that the potential growth in this area is enormous, and we haven’t even scratched the surface as far as its capabilities are concerned.”

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To hear three experienced industry professionals share their opinions and insights on the biggest betting and gaming industry news stories of the week, such as the issue of affordability checks in the British regulatory debate.

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BBB: Affordability checks potentially ‘kicked to the long grass’ by DCMS