Speaking on The Big Betting Balagan podcast, former bet365 board member and igaming specialist Gil Rotem discussed his career in the betting and gaming industry.

What is it?

Offering unique insights on the development of igaming as a popular betting and gaming vertical, Rotem discussed his career at bet365, and highlighted why Denise Coates’ company has found such considerable success.

Who is it?

Dan Phillips, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

Lee Richardson, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

Vigne Kozacek, Co-Host of The Big Betting Balagan

Gil Rotem, Former Board Member at bet365

What is it?

Discussing bet365’s ‘secret to success,’ Rotem remarked: “The decision making was very simple, Denise and John took control of sportsbook, marketing and compliance, and I was doing the gaming. We knew that bet365 is a sportsbook, that is the main driver. 

“There were two things we never compromised on – one was the product, this was the key. Back then for gaming people said ‘content is the king’, on bet365 it was ‘the product is the king’.

“We had the best product, there is no question about it. There was the best customer service, and I think one of the first prizes we won when I joined was best customer service.”

He added: “We were focused on the product and we knew what we were. A good example is when we launched Bingo, which is 180 degrees from sportsbook, and we didn’t really know that in the beginning, we went really hard on the offers and the marketing. When we looked at the registrations, 90% of registrations came from bet365.com. 

“Even though we were advertising bet365 bingo or casino, it didn’t matter to the players – they only remembered bet365. We started doing all our acquisition for casinos for bingo and for games via the sportsbook, getting those casual players and doing the cross-sale. It was cheaper, and by having a good product it didn’t matter where they came from, they would try all of them.”

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To hear unique insights on the igaming sector from an experienced specialist in the space.

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Gil Rotem: Strong product central to bet365’s success