One of the major developments in the US sports betting space this week was the announcement that FanDuel had struck a deal with the Associated Press (AP), becoming the official odds provider of the news agency.

What is it?

In the latest episode of the Legal Sports Report, the hosts discussed FanDuel’s agreement with the AP, and expressed hope that the arrangement would reduce the utilisation by US media agencies of illegal offshore operators as a source of content.

Who is it?

Adam Candee, Co-Host, Legal Sports Report

Dustin Gouker, Head of Content, Legal Sports Report

Matt Brown, Managing Editor, Legal Sports Report

What is being said?

Commenting on the agreement between FanDuel and the Associated Press, Candee said: “Local news is shrinking everywhere. Content production at the local level is shrinking everywhere. The reliance on AP content is only growing in the United States, and so the reach of this deal has the potential to be huge.”

He added: “We are not saying the offshore market should be shut down, there is a place in the world for the offshore market. Specific to this discussion, there is massive confusion among most journalists as to what is a legal sportsbook and what is an illegal offshore sportsbook.”

Gouker: “There’s no comp for journalists citing something that is operating illegally as a source for something going on, especially next to legal and regulated sports books that are operating increasingly across the country. They’re not really interested in the content for betting, they are interested in the odds as content. It’s content that people want to consume, that’s why people write about it, because it’s interesting content.”

Continuing, he added: “The point is that this starts normalising regulated sports betting in the United States, we now see FanDuel as the source of AP content, other people will start doing this. I say to people to use sportsbooks in their state as a source for odds, where they are operating legally within the jurisdiction.”

“This starts us down the path. I applaud this deal from the perspective that we are starting to get to a path where this is not normalised in the media, where they are citing sportsbooks that are not operating legally in the United States.”

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To hear a breakdown of the biggest news stories in the US betting and gaming business, with a particular focus on the relationship between operators and the media.

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Source – Legal Sports Report YouTube Channel

LSR: FanDuel’s deal with the AP ‘has potential to be huge’