After what felt like a key victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, support for the Los Angeles Rams increased as their odds shortened to represent the NFC at the Super Bowl. 

Speaking on Fox Bet Live, Clay Travis and Cousin Sal were in agreement that after their strong performances this year – the Rams have to be favourites for glory this campaign. 

“The Rams are going to be the Super Bowl representative for the NFC – I like the value that I am getting on them right now. You could maybe argue that they are in a much tougher division and the Bucs have a much better chance to win their division and they will be able to host a playoff game, as a result and so maybe that helps to explain some of the difference in overall valuation. 

“But, look – The Rams are 3-0 and I believe they are going to win the NFC West – the toughest division in all of football and I believe that they are going to go to the Super Bowl.” 

He went on to laud Matthew Stafford and his performances at the heart of the Rams team so far this season.

Cousin Sal, however, was keen to praise the defence of the Rams – where he emphasised the team starts from, as they continue to navigate through a tough pool of opponents. 

Show host Alex Curry urged caution in betting against Tom Brady though, reminding the panel of the Buccaneers’ form last campaign, before they sprung into life and captured the Super Bowl. 

Fox Bet – Clay Travis: ‘I believe The Rams are going to the Super Bowl’