Hello and welcome to the SBC News 90. Here’s some highlights from day one of Betting on Sports Europe Digital.

The day’s CEO panel focused on the looming second wave of the COVID pandemic as countries review and tighten lockdown measures. 

Betsson Group CEO Jesper Svensson said that as players are put into lockdown, regulation will remain key to how operators engage with their customers.  

Svensson stressed that sector leaders have a duty to ‘safeguard betting’s digitalisation’ – something he said all industries must embrace in the face of radical changes in consumer behaviour.

Meanwhile, a C-level panel on market fragmentation discussed how best to deliver a multi-jurisdictional product.

Marco Castaldo, CEO of Microgame, said that in such cases it is important to distinguish product from service. He stressed this is a critical differentiation for B2B suppliers to make when framing their offer to customers.

Castaldo commented: “If you frame your offer, not as providing a product or a feed but as providing a service, I think you have a more compelling proposal for a regulated market.”

In one of the final sessions of the day Jamie Mitchell of Low6 predicted a ‘seismic shift’ from what he called traditional ‘hard’ gambling. 

Mitchell said regulation and public perception will ‘force’ operators to make their platforms less welcoming for problem gamblers.

Acknowledging the scrutiny the industry can face, fellow panelist Jamie Graham of Who Knows Wins added that returning control to players can create a safer environment.

That’s all for today, i’ll be back tomorrow for the Day two roundup.

SBC News 90: BOSE Day 1 Highlights