oddschecker’s YouTube account describes this session: “oddschecker host George Elek is joined by professional gambler and freelance political and sports analyst Paul Krishnamurty and political betting analyst William Kedjanyi to preview what is officially the biggest ever market on the Betfair Exchange with over £200M matched.

“We’re on the final bend of a two-horse race to the White House as current President and Republican Donald Trump aims for the 270 electoral votes needed to win against Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden. Our 2020 US Presidential Election Betting Preview panel discuss the story of the election so far through the lens of our sponsor, the Betfair Exchange, before looking at the eight swing states where the 2020 election could be won or lost.

“Paul and William give us their predictions for the night of the 3rd of November and recommend some best bets for those having a punt on the action. Cases will be made for Donald Trump and Joe Biden before a brief nod to what will happen beyond 2020. Will Trump be indicted in 2021? Is AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a credible candidate for 2024?”

Trump vs Biden – the oddschecker debate