As the US betting and gaming market continues to grow, more and more operators are eyeing an expansion of their market presence – a process described as a ‘tough battle’ by Chris Jones of FanDuel.

What is it?

In a recent webinar released by iPullRank, a high-ranking FanDuel executive discussed developments in the US gambling space such as the legalisation of sports betting in New York, and highlighted necessary objectives for success in the market expansion ‘battle’.

Who is it?

Jarrett Thomas, Senior Vice President of IPullRank

Chris Jones, Vice President of Communications at FanDuel

What is being said?

“Obviously it’s a customer acquisition business,” he stated. “We’re in a very tough battle every day with very well funded competitors like ourselves, and you have to be thoughtful about every time you enter into a state and who you’re going to partner with – whether that’s a league or a team or a media company.

“We have dozens of those types of partnerships around the country so that fuels a lot of the marketing. There’s a real flywheel of how we go in and accumulate customers. We also have a large content team and social team that certainly do quite a bit of work as well.”

Additionally, he highlighted the importance of developing and implementing strong and effective responsible gambling measures as the US betting and gaming sector continues to grow.

“We’re the only mobile sports mobile operator to partner with the American Gaming Association (AGA). We have a full partnership with them on what they refer to as a ‘game plan campaign’, which is an education campaign that partners with leagues and teams to educate customers who need to understand how to use the product.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights from an experienced executive in the US sports betting space regarding market expansion, technology and responsible gambling, among other topics. 

Where can I see more?

Source: iPullRank – Digital Marketing Agency YouTube Channel

US market expansion is a ‘tough battle every day’