With the Olympics on the horizon, a fresh opportunity opens for sportsbooks and bettors as sports that would have previously had very little betting engagement become heightened. 

A delay to the tournament, and after much speculation over whether it would eventually go ahead, this year’s edition of the Olympics arrives with exalted anticipation from fans of the global phenomenon. 

Furthermore, with the European Football Championships and the NBA playoffs just concluding, it frees up space for sportsbook bettors to get in on the action. 

DraftKings explored where the value is ahead of the event, as Rotowires, AJ Scholtz explored ante-post markets and potential following the form heading into Tokyo. 

He also discussed strategy – with it representing a far different proposition to that of a regular sports season or competition – highlighting the softball battle for medals as one that 

As well as this, off the back of EURO 2020 and the Coppa America, the Olympic football tournament can draw engagement, especially with both Brazil and Spain bringing out star power to try and capture the gold medal.