The Legal Sports Report (LSR) delves into the latest developments in the Fox and Flutter legal case after the Murdoch-owned media corporation said it would be suing Flutter over its disputed stake in FanDuel.

Who is it?

Adam Candee, Managing Editor of LSR

Dustin Gouker, Head of Content, US, at Catena Media

What is being said?

Gouker began the conversation: “It’s fascinating that they broke those numbers out. We see a little bit of the breakdown in numbers in some states. I don’t think it was any secret that FanDuel was the much bigger brand but to be 8x or 9x of Fox Bet, that’s a little jarring to see especially how much promotion Fox puts through their channels. They promote the Super Six game and you get that while you’re watching the NFL.

“It’s interesting and how do you start not having a break-up at this point? People are slinging mud at each other and it’s starting to look messy. I guess you can work it out but it feels like we’re heading towards a break-up that’s irrevocable almost.”

Continuing the discussion on Fox’s recent acquisition, Candee said: “There’s another piece of news that we just got yesterday where Fox Corp bought Outkick, the Clay Travis media outfit. We know that FanDuel itself has kind of built its own little media empire but again, it’s all under the Flutter umbrella at least for now.

“A move like that almost gives you just a little bit of a word in the back of your head that says, ‘is Fox kind of covering itself in case they end up outside of Flutter where they do have another media arm that goes beyond what’s under the standard Fox Corp?’”

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To understand the complexities of the legal battle between Fox and Flutter, and how the case might progress.

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Source: Legal Sports Report YouTube Channel

LSR: Fox and Flutter legal case heading for ‘irrevocable break-up’