The ZenSports podcast welcomed Max Bichsel to discuss how each state is approaching legalised sports betting and which approaches are better for certain consumers.

Who is it?

Max Bichsel, Vice President of US Business at

Mark Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of ZenSports 

What is being said?

Providing a background on, Bichsel explained: “Currently I look after Group’s US business and really is a large piece of media that’s focused on iGaming and sports. We’re not just – that’s our flagship brand but we have dozens of sites that are focused on iGaming and sports.

“All of these sites generate some sort of content around industry news, reviews, different offers that our partnering sportsbooks and partnering online casinos offer customers in varying degrees of jurisdictions, so everywhere from Germany and the UK to Colorado and Pennsylvania.

“Our US business is focused on a number of products naturally as legislation permits. We do business in every jurisdiction and our goal is to help players start their online gambling journey, whether it’s looking for an online casino if they live in Pittsburgh or if they live in Indianapolis and they’re looking for the best sportsbook in Indiana.

“Inevitably, hopefully they’ll end up on one of our sites and we’ll be able to give them some information that will help them start their adventure into online sports betting or online casino.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear about the state of legalised sports betting and online casino in the US from an industry professional.

Where can I see more?

Source: ZenSports YouTube Channel Helping customers begin their ‘adventure’ into sports betting