Kindred has reaffirmed its commitment to generating 0% of revenue from harmful gambling, launching a new responsible gaming app, ‘Bettor Time’.

Developed by Zafty Intelligence using passive technology and owned by the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), Bettor Time allows customers to stay in control of their gambling behaviour by monitoring app usage and alerting users to potentially harmful changes in their spending or playing habits.

Featuring an interactive daily widget, the app is completely anonymous and enables customers to view their daily habits on the dashboard, as well as set time limits and block access to gambling apps during certain times of the week and establish a weekly schedule, whilst gambling questionnaires can also be completed 

“For us promoting the Bettor Time App is a given and it is in line with our commitment of 0% revenue from harmful gambling by 2023,” said Maris Catania, Kindred Group’s Head of Responsible Gambling and Research.

“The technology behind this app with Zafty’s unique machine learning algorithms that take the recorded activity and learn each user’s normal behaviour is very interesting. 

“This app can help users make better-informed decisions about their gambling. We are proud to promote this app and I recommend other operators to follow.”

Kindred’s commitment to generating 0% of group revenue from harmful gambling by 2023 was first announced by Chief Executive  Henrik Tjärnström in March 2019.

On 21 October 2020, the Stockholm-listed company held its fifth Sustainable Gambling Conference as an online digital event, attended by a global audience of over 690 and featuring presentations, panel discussions, breakouts and Q&A sessions.

The operator has stated that it ‘will continue to develop technology and solutions both in-house and with our partners to support healthy gambling behaviour,’ and plans to further integrate new technology such as machine learning.

Source – Kindred Group YouTube Channel

Kindred reaffirms 0% harmful gambling commitment with ‘Bettor Time’