In the latest webinar from Sports Gambling Education titled ‘Sponsorship in 2021’, a panel of guests discussed the development gambling sponsorship among US sports. 

What is it?

Hosted by Ohio University sports official Jim Kahler, the webinar highlighted the rise of the gambling sponsorships as a distinct category in US sports, the role athletes could play in such partnerships and how agreements should have a social responsibility element.

Jim Kahler, Ohio University’s Director of Sports Gambling Education

Andy Dolich, COO of Fan Controlled Football

Basil DeVito, President of the XFL & Breeder’s Cup

What is being said?

Discussing player sponsorships and the prospect of supporting social responsibility measures, Dolich remarked: “There are incredible challenges in our country, in terms of social aspects, but if you look at players and if you look at celebrities; let’s just take Dwayne Johnson and where he came from, where he is now, or LeBron James, Steph Curry -players that have created businesses that are billion dollar businesses or $100 million businesses, and the level of community support and actual care of what they’ve done to put back to their communities.”

Agreeing, Kahler commented: “A good example would be the University of Colorado, which was one of the first Power Fives outside of Vegas to accept a sports gambling sponsorship.

“So, there was this new category coming in that we all didn’t have back in the days when Basil was with the Pacers and you and I, Andy, were doing our team thing. So, this new category, all of a sudden it’s worth more than the soft drink category.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear opinions from seasoned professionals regarding the rise of the sports betting sponsorship sector in the US, as the country continues to embrace regulated, legal gambling.

Where can I see more?

Source: SGE YouTube Channel

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