MansionBet, TalkSport, Darren Farley and Andy Goldstein came together to test the emotions and patience of former Chelsea striker and current TalkSport Sports Bar host Jason Cundy with a prank. 

An unsuspecting Cundy prepared to take part in an interview with Rangers manager and Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard, however, playing the role of Gerrard was notorious impressionist and MansionBet ambassador Farley.

Farley fooled Cundy into thinking he had caught Gerrard in the worst possible mood as he pressured the Chelsea man into revealing how many Scottish games he watches a year and also, telling him that he had no real interest in the ongoing European Championships. 

Hilariously, Farley also ridiculed Cundy for the size of his head – leaving the TalkSport host bewildered and questioning where the interview went downhill. 

It was only after five excruciating minutes that Goldstein and Farley revealed themselves as the culprits on the other end of the camera, much to the bemusement of Cundy as he came to the realisation he has been the victim of a prank. 

MansionBet and TalkSport unite to prank former Chelsea star