The latest episode of 888sport’s ‘The Playlist’ shone a light on two the shining stars of this season’s Premier League campaign, exploring whether Bukayo Saka or Marcus Rashford has been this season’s MVP. 

Saka has guided the Gunners to the summit of the Premier League table as they pursue the league title, however the form of Marcus Rashford has been explosive. 

Show host Rory Jennings stated that what Rashford has done has elevated the tide of the club, stepping up to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, even going as far as to say the Ten Hag’s side could capture the league title as a result of the Englishman’s form. 

Nonetheless, Ade Oladipo made the case for Harry Kane being the league’s MVP – underlining that he hasn’t had the same support as Rashford, yet has continued to score goals. 

This was echoed by Abbi Summers, who lauded the consistency of Kane, as he continues to perform week in and week out.

 888Sport – Premier League MVP: The form of Rashford or the consistency of Kane